Smile Makeover Cost

The cost of a smile makeover depends primarily on the extent of treatment, but can also be influenced by the tools and materials used. Meanwhile, cosmetic procedures are not normally covered by insurance. Advanced Dental Care not only provides outstanding smile makeover results, but also offers highly convenient financing options that make this treatment affordable on most budgets. During an appointment at their Valdosta, GA, office, Drs. W. Ashley Moorman, J. Barclay Woodward, and Bill Moorman can provide an estimated smile makeover cost based on what you hope to achieve. 

Factors That Influence Smile Makeover Cost

Smile makeovers have virtually unlimited options. The variables that will make the most significant difference in the cost of your treatment include:


Some materials used in a smile makeover are less expensive than others. For example, the resin used in dental bonding is less expensive than the porcelain used to create veneers, bridges, and crowns. However, most patients agree that porcelain looks more realistic and advanced.


Your safety, health, and satisfaction are our top priorities. We have invested in today's most sophisticated dental technology in order to make your smile makeover experience comfortable and rewarding, with minimal risks. While tools such as digital x-rays, dental lasers, and electronic sterilization technology increase the cost of our services, you can feel confident knowing that this added investment can help you achieve the best possible results.

Combination and Type of Procedures 

We offer discounts for patients who combine more than one procedure as part of their treatment, making a smile makeover by Advanced Dental Care a more economical choice than undergoing many standalone treatments over time. If you are treating oral health concerns in addition to cosmetic issues, insurance may contribute to the cost of periodontal treatment, fillings, and other general dentistry treatments. However, practical procedures such as dental implant placement are not typically covered by insurance.

We strive to keep costs affordable and provide several financing options to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted without compromising on your goals. 


Some patients prefer to undergo sedation during certain phases of their smile makeover. Oral conscious sedation will increase the overall cost of treatment, but for the right candidate, it can make the treatment experience more relaxing.

Dentist's Experience

Typically, experienced dentists often charge more for their care than less experienced colleagues. However, by investing in a more experienced dentist, you are more likely to achieve results that give you many years of satisfaction. Our practice was established in 1971 and our doctors have decades of combined experience. Meanwhile, we strive to keep costs affordable and provide several financing options to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted without compromising on your goals. 

A Beautiful Transformation

before smile makeover
Before Smile Makeover
after smile makeover
After Smile Makeover

Benefits of Investing in a Smile Makeover 

A cosmetically enhanced smile can give you confidence in your personal and professional life. Although a smile makeover will cost more than a simpler procedure, it is important to weigh the cost of your goals against the possibility of no longer hiding your teeth when you smile, feeling more outgoing, and experiencing a new sense of pride in your appearance. Our compassionate doctors have the experience, technology, and true passion for dentistry to help you experience the best possible benefits of a smile makeover.

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Drs. W. Ashley Moorman, J. Barclay Woodward, and Hardy Gray

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