A Successful Dental Implant Recovery

Full recovery after your dental implant surgery will typically take about three to six months. While you can expect to experience some swelling and discomfort over the next few days, you should be able to return to most normal activities within this timeframe.

At Advanced Dental Care in Valdosta, GA, we strive to make dental implant recovery as smooth as possible. Drs. W. Ashley Moorman, J. Barclay Woodward, and Bill Moorman can provide you with detailed instructions and recommendations to minimize your risk of complications so you can enjoy a fully restored smile.

Implant Recovery Timeline

Aftercare Instructions

During the recovery period, it is essential that you follow the recommended instructions to protect your oral health.

Immediately after Implant Surgery

You should take this first day to focus on resting. We typically recommend that you have a friend or loved one drive you home for your appointment as any sedation we may provide may still be affecting you. For at least an hour after the procedure, you should bite down on the gauze placed by the doctor to maintain pressure and encourage a blood clot to form. For the first 24 hours, you should not rinse your mouth as this can cause the clot to become dislodged.

Mindful Habits

To allow your body the proper time to recuperate, you should avoid strenuous activities for at least the first week. You should also refrain from tobacco use and alcohol as these substances can slow the healing process and increase the risk of complications.

Dietary Restrictions

Patients should follow a liquid diet for the first few days after the procedure. You can then transition to a soft foods diet for about a week or so before slowly incorporating other, more solid foods. However, it is important to avoid foods that can easily damage implants or get stuck in the gums, like hard candy or chips. Additionally, you should be mindful not to chew directly on implants before you receive your restorations.

If you experience any potential symptoms signs of complications, please reach out to us immediately so our staff can determine the best course of action to protect your oral health.

Common Side Effects

As with any surgical procedure, there are common side effects that you can expect including:

  • Dry lips
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Minor bleeding

However, these should subside within a few days of treatment. To minimize your discomfort, you can apply an ice pack or cold compress to the jaw and cheeks for about 15 minutes on each side. Additionally, over-the-counter pain reliever may be helpful to control swelling. If you are experiencing minor bleeding, you can bite on clean gauze for about 30 minutes to staunch the flow.

When Should I Contact the Doctor?

While many patients fully recover from dental implant surgery without any complications, there are warning signs you should be aware of, such as:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Persistent fever
  • Severe swelling

These may be signs of an infection. If you experience any potential symptoms signs of complications, please reach out to us immediately so our staff can determine the best course of action to protect your oral health.

Your Health is Our Priority

Before undergoing dental implant surgery, we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us online or call us at (229) 242-4441 to learn more about the dental implant recovery process and how you can prepare for your treatment.

Drs. W. Ashley Moorman, J. Barclay Woodward, and Hardy Gray

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