Dental Bridges

For patients missing one or more teeth, dental bridges offer an opportunity to fill gaps and improve the form and function of their smile. At Advanced Dental Care in Valdosta, GA, we offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges, allowing us to tailor treatment to suit your budget, needs, and preferences. Dr. W. Ashley Moorman, Dr. J. Barclay Woodward, and Dr. Bill Moorman can help you decide which type of bridge is right for you. 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

There are several types of dental bridges available. Each offers different benefits. The most common bridges are traditional and implant-supported. 

  • A traditional bridge consists of two dental crowns supporting one or more artificial teeth, or pontics. 
  • An implant-supported bridge connects to small titanium posts embedded into the jawbone and is usually used to replace two or more teeth.

Traditional bridges are typically more affordable than implant-supported options and require less treatment time. However, implant-supported bridges prevent tissue loss in your jaw, which is something traditional bridges cannot do. In addition, they do not require our doctors to crown healthy adjacent teeth.

The Benefits of Bridges

Dental bridges offer a range of benefits. They can:

  • Restore your ability to chew and speak properly
  • Improve the appearance of your smile
  • Maintain a proper bite
  • Support your facial features
  • Prevent teeth from shifting out of place

Leaving missing teeth untreated can lead to a range of oral health conditions, including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and further tooth loss. A dental bridge can help protect your oral health against further issues. 

Receiving Your Dental Bridge

The process of receiving your bridge varies depending on whether you choose to incorporate dental implants. With a traditional bridge, we can perform all stages of your treatment in our office. For implant-supported bridges, we can coordinate your treatment with a skilled oral surgeon to ensure optimal results. 

Traditional Bridges

It typically takes two appointments to complete treatment with a traditional bridge. During your first visit, your doctor will reshape the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile to accommodate your dental crowns. Then we will take impressions and send the information to a dental lab. We may also place temporary restorations to protect your prepared teeth.

A traditional bridge requires your dentist to crown adjacent teeth in order to support the bridge.

Once your bridge is ready, your dentist will check the fit of the restoration and ensure you are happy with its appearance. Then, he will bond the crowns to the prepared teeth for a fully restored smile. 

Implant-Supported Bridges

Receiving an implant-supported bridge is a longer process that may take several months to complete. You will first need to undergo implant placement. During this procedure, your surgeon will embed the titanium posts into your jawbone. Then, the implants will fuse with surrounding tissue over the next three to six months.

Receiving an implant-supported bridge is a longer process that may take several months to complete.

When your implants have healed, you can return to our office to receive your bridge. Our team will take impressions of your implants and craft a customized restoration. Then, your doctor will attach the bridge to your implant posts for a strong, stable result that will also prevent jawbone recession. 

Find the Right Option for You

If you are missing one or more teeth, we offer a variety of solutions to help you restore the health and appearance of your smile. To find out whether a traditional or implant-supported bridge is right for you, contact our office online or call (229) 242-4441 today.

Drs. W. Ashley Moorman, J. Barclay Woodward, and Hardy Gray

Advanced Dental Care

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