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TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder affects the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which attach the lower jaw to the skull. It often occurs when a patient’s bite is misaligned, which forces the TMJs to overcompensate in order to achieve a balanced bite. Symptoms can include chronic jaw, head, neck, or facial pain. We can provide custom mouth guards and other treatments to help you achieve relief from TMJ disorder. < Learn More About TMJ Disorder

Root Canal

In advanced cases of tooth decay, root canal therapy is necessary to remove infected tissue and prevent infection from resulting in tooth loss. During a root canal, the infected inner pulp of a tooth is completely removed. The pulp chamber is then sterilized and filled with a rubber-like substance before the tooth is sealed closed. A dental crown is usually the final step of the treatment.

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Gum Disease Treatment

When bacteria collects below the gum line, it can result in infection, gum disease, and other harmful conditions. We offer advanced diagnostics of periodontal issues, as well as sophisticated treatments that are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria deposits, helping you to maintain excellent oral and overall health. During routine exams, we will check to make sure you are not experiencing issues below the gum line.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea is an all-too-common disorder in which the soft tissues of the throat relax during sleep, obstructing breathing. Snoring is a common symptom. Often, breathing is completely interrupted, causing the sufferer to wake briefly many times throughout the night. We offer a special mouth guard that slightly adjusts the bite, keeping the airways open and allowing you to achieve restful sleep.

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Sedation Dentistry

We understand that patients of all ages can experience anxiety in the dentist's chair. Meanwhile, conditions like arthritis may make it difficult for some patients to sit comfortably for a long period. We offer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to help patients safely achieve relaxation under our care. These treatments can be tailored to the needs of children, adults, and seniors.

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